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Shooting the film „Geratzite” based on the same name short novel of Elin Pelin began 60 years ago in Elena.

The house of Slav Vasilev Slavov in our village was the setting of single episodes of „Geratzite”, as it resembled the estate of the old Gerak. Today, in its place, the heirs of grandfather Slav using the old stonework built a unique house – similar to the one from the time of film, and gave it the name „Geratzite”.

In 1957, the film team and mainly its director Anton Marinovich and its architect Moni Aladzhemov travelled for a long time around the villages nearby Elena, to find the most suitable location to shoot the film. Thanks to the assistance of the local theatre fan Yordan Kasabov they arrived at the small hamlet of Dolni Bolertsi.

The house of grandfather Slav stood out from among the other houses of Dolni Bolertsi, as it resembled the one described in the short novel of Elin Pelin — „a large and white mansion house”, ,,with stronghold and white stonework" and a very large garden at the village centre.

It was first built in the distant 1870 by the great-grandfather Vasil. Later, his older son Slav built in 1895-96 a new house on top of the old house of his father in Dolni Bolertsi.
This hamlet has also been the setting for some of the frames of the films „Siromashka radost" (Poor man’s joy) written by Elin Pelin and „Privarzaniyat balon" (The tied balloon) by Yordan Radichkov. This is one of the few Bulgarian films following exactly the short novel without any changes of the text.

Статия във вестник Борба
Денят започва с култура „Пътуващо лятно кино с БНТ 1” в град Елена

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